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Using & sharing your data for direct marketing & other purposes: We rely on a lawful ground called ‘legitimate interest’ to share your data with all Marketing Services Providers including Experian and Sagacity who use it to create profiles of you and others to help organisations better understand their customers and find others like them. They will also share your data with their customers for marketing, targeted advertising, measurement & identity resolution purposes. Marketing Services Providers will profile you by combining the data we share with information they receive from other sources. They analyse this to predict your likely behavioural characteristics, preferences and circumstances. Combining your data with information from other sources also helps Marketing Services Providers to check the accuracy of the data they hold about you, and ensure it is up-to-date (known as “validation”).” This may also involve updating the data we share with Marketing Services Providers about you, such as your IP address, with information they receive from other sources to make sure it remains accurate.

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